Thomas Nelson Sues Zondervan Over Custody of the Kids

Thomas Nelson Publishers, the 7th largest trade publisher, with a predominately Christian catalog, has sued the Zondervan Corporation, the Christian publishing division of HarperCollins, the number 2 trade publisher, which is owned by Newscorp. At stake is the fate of Gigi, God’s Little Princess and the Princess Twins, books and multimedia products aimed at girls 4-8 years old.

Nelson's Gigi, God's Princess

Nelson’s Gigi, God’s Princess

Zondervan's Princess Twins

Zondervan’s Princess Twins

In court papers, Thomas Nelson alleged that California artist Meredith Johnson contracted with them to create the Gigi character exclusively for them, and Gigi has appeared in books and DVDs. Apparently Johnson was not satisfied with the lump-sum payments she received from Thomas Nelson and offered her services to Zondervan who created the Princess Twins series.

Indeed, Thomas Nelson may have a case because the Princess Twins look almost identical to Gigi, God’s Little Princess.  Gigi first made her appearance in 2006, and the Princess Twins did not appear until 2009.

In the lawsuit, Thomas Nelson is asking for an injunction against the Princess Twins series, profits that Zondervan has made on the series, and actual and compensatory damages.

Posted Nov 29, 2009

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