The Future of Publishing Explained in a Brilliant Video

Where is publishing headed?  Will books give way to movies and television and will libraries become nothing more than museums? Will the publishing and bookselling industries collapse? Is there any hope for the future? U.K. educational publisher Dorling Kindersley (DK) has created a video that shows us that there is indeed hope for those who respond properly to the marketplace.

This video should be inspiring to all of us who love books, but it carries an especially significant message for independent Christian publishers. Such publishers, who often publish their own work, write books based on their own preferences or desires and ignore the needs of the marketplace. They respond to what they think may be God’s leading and never question whether or not people actually want to read their book. When a book fails to sell, as often happens in such cases, self-publishers are likely to blame a cynical world rather than bad marketing.

This clever video provides brilliant insight into the future of publishing, even for independent Christian publishers with just one or more self-published titles.  It demonstrates that people really do want to read books but that we must understand our audience before we begin to write.

The publishing industry is evolving and those who resist change will not be successful. Good writing is not enough; books must be aimed at a specific audience and marketed properly to that niche.

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