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Review: The Five Love Languages

Author: Dr. Gary Chapman
Reviewed by Donald L. Hughes

The premise of this book is that people have “love tanks” that are empty in unfulfilled relationships, and that they can be filled by a spouse who knows how to communicate in a way that’s meaningful to the empty person. If this marital prescription seems naive and simplistic to you, then get on the bus.

Dr. Gary Chapman is a seasoned writer, speaker, broadcaster and marriage counselor. His Five Love Languages franchise includes similarly titled books for children, teens and singles. Continue reading

Review: Fixing Family Friction

Author: David and Claudia Arp & John and Margaret Bell
Reviewed by Donald L. Hughes

Lots of books have been written on family life, but few have focused on the extended family. Fixing Family Friction takes extended family issues head-on, and this approach is likely to be helpful to readers whose in-laws have become outlaws, or who face myriad other challenges with children, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

The subtitle of this book gives away its true intentions. It is “Promoting Relative Peace.” More than just a play on words, that phrase signals the reader that the book will bring a measure of wholeness to extended families, but it is not an illusionary cure-all which so many seek. Often, relative peace is the most that you can expect from your relatives. Continue reading

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