Author: Fred Von Kamecke

“Reputation management” is the new buzzword on the Internet. There are companies that will alert you if someone says something bad about you online so you have a chance to challenge it. These companies are going to make a mint off the egocentric and thin-skinned. Christ and Christians have been getting a bad rap for millennia, yet the Lord abides, and the righteous endure no matter what people say, so should Christians play the reputation game?

In his book, Busted: Exposing Popular Myths about Christianity, it appears that Fred Von Kamecke is taking a shot at doing reputation management for Jesus, the Bible and matters of Christian faith. He is not on that Quixotian journey however – his approach is much more fun – he is a theological myth buster.

On the MythBusters TV show they warn you about “scientific content.” Same goes here – there is “theological content.” Don’t worry about confusion, however. Von Kamecke has the skills to share complex theological issues in understandable ways as he puts urban theological myths to the test, and we see if they survive.

The author takes up some great topics, including, “Was Jesus was just another guru will learn his magic in India?” “Do all paths lead to God?” and “Is Christianity hateful, judgmental and intolerant?” Von Kamecke creditably examines these kinds of myths and renders them “busted.”

One myth that the author boldly addresses is the one that says, in “Jews, Christians and Muslims all worship the same God.” He outlines why such a mistaken belief is so popular and our pluralistic and politically correct society. He dares to delve deeper and reveal why this notion is a lie of convenience for secularists, activists and other manipulators of the body politic. Von Kamecke says, “While it is certainly polite in a gesture of diplomacy, it is simply absurd to insist that three religions believe something that they do not. Not only do they not worship the same God, they also do not describe the means of making peace with him in the same way. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam make strident claims about themselves to the exclusion of all counterclaims.”

Fred Von Kamecke does a wonderful job of explaining complex theological concepts in an understandable way. This book has the style, quality and class to be used as a college textbook, in Sunday school classes or family devotions at the kids are of Middle School age or older. Better yet, this book ought to be a TV series. With its many down to earth revelations, it would be just right for the Discovery Channel.

Busted: Exposing Popular Myths about Christianity
Zondervan Books
$16.99, 272 pages, pb
Copyright 2009
ISBN 978-0-310-28320-1


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