Michael Hyatt Steps Aside at Thomas Nelson Publishers


Thomas Nelson, Inc. announced this week that Mark Schoenwald, its current President and Chief Operating Officer (COO), has been named president and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He assumes the CEO position from Michael Hyatt, who is stepping out of active management of the company but will continue to serve as chairman of the board.

Prior to joining Thomas Nelson in 2005, Schoenwald served as president of several home décor, garden and gift companies including New Creative Enterprises and Kennedy Group.

In a news release Schoenwald said, “Thomas Nelson is focused on growth and we strive to be the leading producer of Christian content and inspirational live events. We will continue to transform the company as we leverage the strengths of our traditional print business while implementing new digital publishing strategies. Through focus on innovation and execution, we will develop our content in any format and delivery method our customers desire. The company will embrace change, and we will move quickly to scale new ideas and opportunities that will be available in this rapidly changing business environment.”

Schoenwald said, “As Thomas Nelson enters its 214th year of business, we have never been more excited about our future. We must maximize our growth opportunities in markets around the world, many of which already contribute to our results.”

Published on: Apr 13, 2011

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