Faith-based eBook Sales Climb According to AAP Report

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Faith-based eBooks are selling better than any other religious book category, according to the latest figures available from the Association of American Publishers (AAP). Religious publishers reported a 15% increase in May, 2012 compared to the same month last year, which continues a pattern from previous months.  These sales figures are the most recent available.

The faith-based eBook market segment also saw a rise of more than 41% for the year to date versus January-May 2011, with sales of nearly $53 million. Overall, Christian retailing has annual sales of $4.6 billion.

In contrast, faith-based paperback book sales experienced a 31% decrease for the year to date versus January-May 2011, with sales of more than $72 million, at AAP reported. In the same date range, religious hardcover sales were down 1.2%, with sales of $122 million. Overall, book sales from religious publishers for the year to date versus the same time frame in 2011 saw almost a 7% drop to more than $266 million. This too, has been in keeping with trends over the last four years.

Faith-based hardcover book sales were down more than 21% in May over the same month the previous year to $21.6 million, while religious paperback sales decreased more than 11% for the same period, totaling nearly $16 million. Overall, book sales from religious presses saw a 12.6% decline to nearly $49 million in May over the same month the previous year.

With 1,188 publishers reporting, AAP’s Monthly StatShot report included data from Concordia Publishing House, Gospel Light, Moody Publishers, NavPress, Thomas Nelson and Tyndale House Publishers, among others in the Christian market.

Published on: Sep 12, 2012

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