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Christian writers have the power to influence thousands of people from the comfort of the chair in front of their computer. We can make send emails, make forum or Facebook posts, answer questions on Yahoo! Answers, make comments on blogs or by starting a blog or website. These are all valuable ways to share our Christian faith and values.

However, most people do not understand that writing for the web is different from writing a letter, a sermon or a book. Your readers will approach your text in a different way, and Christian writers need to adapt the message to the medium.

In this slide show, Hans Poldoja provides the essentials for anyone who wants to share their message on the Internet. Follow the tips in this presentation and you will become a better communicator.

Notice that he mentions the type of language a writer uses. This is particularly important for Christian writers. We tend to use Christian jargon, and if we are speaking to a general audience, we most avoid that. Translate Christian jargon as if you were translating words from a foreign language into easy-to-understand English.

Poldoja is an educator, and he provides some exercises at the end of his presentation. Select text from a website of your choice, and try rewriting it to achieve greater clarity as he suggests.

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  1. Jennifer B. says:

    As a blogger, very insightful! I felt good that I am doing some of this already, but found some areas I will focus on to improve. Thank you! The “F” diagram was very interesting…

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