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Christian writers face many of the same issues as other writers. One of these issues is keeping healthy when dedicated to the writing task. It’s most desirable if you maintain a balanced life including interaction with others, exercise and wholesome meals. However, many of us… Continue reading

Codon Wheel for translating genetic code from ...

Feeling down in the dumps as you face a blank page? Afraid your brain-freeze might not thaw anytime soon? You might try taking a big bite of a red hot chili pepper. The searing chemical reaction you’ll experience is Capsicum stimulating your mouth’s nerve endings.… Continue reading

Writing takes tenacity. Successful writers know there is nothing more important than planting your rear firmly in a chair and sitting there until the day’s work is done. However, this kind of sedentary activity takes its toll pretty quickly, so it’s important to have an… Continue reading

Guest post by Michael Hemmingson


Writers differ in their needs and preferences for space in which they create. If you’re fortunate enough to have a writing room in your house, or have an office away from home, then you’re one of the envious few. Writers… Continue reading

Guest post by Michael Hemmingson

Pets have always gone hand-in-hand with writing; they act as inspiration and companions in those lonely hours behind the keyboard. This is why every good used bookstore has a cat living there—there’s something about cats and old used books that… Continue reading

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