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News & Trends for Christian Writers

Hobby Lobby Now Retailing Christian Books

Hobby Lobby Now Retailing Christian Books

Hobby Lobby, the 745-store nationwide craft chain has entered the Christian bookselling market. They now carry the top 100 Christian bestsellers and place them prominently at check-out counters. Crossover Marketing Hobby Lobby book buyer...

Troubling Trends in Christian Fiction

Troubling Trends in Christian Fiction

There are troubling trends in Christian fiction. According to Nielsen Bookscan, fiction sales have dropped by 15 percent in recent years. Christian fiction imprints at Abingdon and Moody Press have vanished. Some Christian fiction...

writers now google slaves

Are All Writers Now Google Slaves?

Copyright is guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. The right, given in Article I, Section 8, Clause 8, was designed to give content creators control over who makes copies of their books and other intellectual...

Bankruptcy for Gospel Light

Gospel Light Publications in Bankrupty Sale

Gospel Light Publications, an esteemed Evangelical book and curriculum publisher has gone bankrupt and it assets will be auctioned, according to a news release distributed by the liquidators. Gospel Light has been a well-known...

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