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Exploring Self and Indy Publishing

Is Perfect Editing Possible

Is Perfect Editing Possible?

Christian writers are generally a scrupulous bunch. And well we should be since we are charged with handling the Word of Truth on one level or another. But are we being overly pedantic, to...

Think Like a Publisher First

Think Like a Publisher First

“Ready, fire, aim!” Is that how a marksman hits the target? Of course not. Even people who don’t like guns know that you must aim before you pull the trigger. Unfortunately, most Christian writers...

kindle select

Kindle Select: Author Beware

The Amazon Kindle platform is revolutionary. Anyone can write an ebook, publish it, and place it on the world’s larger bookstore, all at no cost. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is a genius for developing...

vanity publishing

Why Are Christians Attracted to Vanity Publishing?

Christians seem to be attracted to vanity publishing. Companies like WestBow Press, Xulon Press, WinePress, CrossBooks, BelieversPress and many others are reaping millions of dollars from well-meaning but unsuspecting Christians who simply want to...

select the right ebook format

Which Ebook Format is Best?

Ebooks come in two flavors. They are either Mobi (Amazon Kindle) or Epub (Free/Open Standard). It is important for Christian writers to know the difference between these two formats as they publish and market...

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