Donald L. Hughes

Pastor Mark Driscoll, founder of Seattle’s Mars Hill Church and the Resurgence training ministry, and Dr. Justin Holcomb, Resurgence director, have announced a book publishing partnership with Tyndale House Publishers.

In a blog announcement Driscoll said, “We’ve reached an agreement with Tyndale House Publishers to… Continue reading

All Christian writers should be concerned that they continue to have the freedom to express their Christian convictions, but Canadians continue to face prosecution if they do not espouse the politically correct views held by their government.

In a Canadian Supreme Court decision on February… Continue reading

Four Christians have been arrested in Libya for distributing Christian literature, an offense that could carry the death penalty, the Huffington Post reported. The arrests occurred in Benghazi several weeks ago, and the event was followed by Libya’s de facto head of state, Mohammed Magariaf,… Continue reading

HarperCollins Christian Publishing, composed of both Thomas Nelson, Inc. and Zondervan, has joined On Demand Books’ growing Espresso Book Machine (EBM) program, making its titles available through EBM’s Print on Demand (POD) system. This adds thousands of Christian books that can now be printed  at… Continue reading

Dr. Howard G. Hendricks, author of 18 books and numerous journal articles, has passed at age 88. He preached in 80 countries and was known as “Prof” as Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) where he taught for 60 years and touched the lives of an estimated… Continue reading

by Brenda Covert

I’ve loved photography ever since Mom snapped my picture with her Brownie Hawkeye and its big, grape-shaped, single-use flash bulb. Then, photography was for special occasions. Now, we use digital cameras and camera phones to snap photos of everything that interests us… Continue reading

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