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The purpose of ChristianWritingToday.com (CWT) is to help Christians gain a vision to reach a wider audience through the written and spoken word. There are plenty of Christians who are writing and speaking to each other. However, there are few who are breaking through the stained-glass barrier and using their writing skills to reach others with a Christian world-view.

A Christian writer is not necessarily someone who writes on Christian topics, but someone who addresses all topics with Christian values.

CWT is for those who want to transmit Christian values through their writing and reach a diverse range of people in a context they will understand.

Donald L. Hughes editorDonald L. Hughes is the editor of ChristianWritingToday.com. He is a writer, editor, and publisher who has been in Christian media for many decades.

Don has degrees from Azusa Pacific University (B.A.), Wheaton Graduate School (M.A.) and Princeton Theological Seminary (M.Div.).

Early on, he was a church pastor. Later, he held several media positions over the years, including roles as an editor at Christian Life Publications where he used his skills on Christian Life magazine (later, Charisma + Christian Life), Christian Bookseller magazine (renamed Christian Retailing) and Creation House Books.

He served as Director of Communications for the educational division of the National Association of Evangelicals, and Media Director for an international faith-based organization serving at-risk children.

Don has covered stories in 31 countries as a Christian journalist. He has taught at conferences and Christian colleges both in the U.S. and overseas and was named to Outstanding Educators of America. He teaches writing and related courses online at VelocityWriting.com and offers personalized services to help writers reach their writing and publishing goals.

Unless otherwise noted, Don is the author of all articles on ChristianWritingToday.com.


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Share the love with other Christian writers

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